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Here you will find some recent samples of menus:

Breakfast Menu (included, daily specials)

Dinner Menu - Rijsttafel

Dinner Menu - Indonesian Regional Dishes

Dinner Menu - Chinese & Asian

Dinner Menu - Thai

Dinner Menu - Mexican

Dinner Menu - Special Occasion Set Menu (Example)

Dinner Menu - Western

Dinner Menu - Seafood BBQ

Drinks Menu

At Villa K, our chef is available to prepare lunch and/or dinner according to your needs, but of course you are welcome to enjoy the local restaurants too. We source all ingredients on your behalf, as there are very few grocery shops in South Lombok. You will find our prices very reasonable compared to restaurants, for excellent quality dishes in a private setting.


Please note that we vary our menus on a regular basis and according to seasonal availability of produce.  During your stay, we will change the menus daily. We are happy to cater to any specific dishes you may like, plus we can also cater to any dietary requirements of our guests (e.g. vegetarian, dairy or gluten free, vegan, allergens etc) - just let us know. 

If you have any requests for a special occasion during your stay, please let us know in advance and our staff will do their best to make the arrangements for you. For example, a charcoal seafood/meat BBQ makes an ideal way to celebrate or finish your stay at Villa K.


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